Today we want to share with you a few sites to practice spanish vocabulary. We’ve chosen those three because they’re funny and use imagination in the learning process. In Spanish Naturally we love and we use this approach because we know of the power of intuitive learning and, of course, it’s much easier when you’re having a good time!

So here we go:


An app and also a website to learn and practice vocabulary. The most attractive thing of it it that it uses images and sounds association, mind games and little tricks to help you memorize easily, using your own intuition and giving you the chance to compleatly personalize the process.

 Vocab Ninja

That’s another app for you to remember vocabulary with funny mind associations, such as the one on the picture above… On this video you can see some more examples of how it works, and by the way learn some spanish words!


This one is a funny app for your mobile phone, in wich cute cats help dumb humans to remember spanish words. Funny images, laughing and memorising.. “It’s as ridiculus as it sounds. But also seems to work!” Says their site…

 So have a look an tell us your opinion!

 Hasta la vista, baby!


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