abrazo house

Here’s a big place for a big project!

If you decide to visit Abrazo House you will have the chance to learn lots of useful things for a self sufficient and healthy life, such as how to build your own house, how to get food from nature, how to use solar energy and, of course, how to share life with others in nature. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Robert, Almu, and their two bilingual daughters have made their home there. They settled down some years ago in this amazing place at Valle de Aras (eastern Cantabria, not far from our also partner project Las Lindes), from which you can see beautiful mountains, forests and a magnificent estuary that ends at the cantabric sea, all at a single glance!

Abrazohouse is conceived not only as a home, but as an opened educational project, dealing with ecology, natural building and sustainable living. Since it started, and with the help of volunteers since 2006, there’ve been built three eco-buildings, using straw bales, cob and wood. Nowadays we can find the small Play House, a bigger one called the Snail Cabin, where volunteers usually stay, and the big main house, with two floors and the shape of an abrazo (hug, embrace). You can have a look at the building process with volunteers here.

They’ve also designed a whole system of natural waste treatment and learnt to use sunlight and wood to generate their own energy. In their two acres of land they’ve started to grow a food forest, and they still have space for henhouse and a vegetable garden.

If we put all this toghether we can see a really good example of sustainable living and hard work, in which we can get involved: Abrazo House welcomes volunteers from april to october, and also offers specific courses on building tecniques.

Like all the big projects, everything becomes better when it’s shared, and now they would like people to make longer stays:

” we are looking for families to take part in the next phase of our becobuilding adventure, the construction of two new cob houses in the same village as Abrazo House”

In their website www.abrazohouse.org you will find more of information and pictures about their beautiful story. And if you want to get ready and learn some specific spanish for your experience you can contact Spanish Naturally and we’ll be happy to help you have an easy stay!

Un gran abrazo! (a big hug!)