La caja de herramientas de las Real Academia Española / RAE’s toolbox

La caja de herramientas de las Real Academia Española / RAE’s toolbox

Today we wanto to show you some useful tool that the Real Academia de la lengua Española (RAE) is offering online, for you to solve doubts and to help you have more autonomy on your learning process DRAE First of all, you probably know the DRAE, the spanish most complete dictionary, ellaborated by the Real Academia. The last updatededition is from 2014, and you can see it on this link. There’s also an app developed for your mobile phone, and you can download here. DPD The Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas is a very good friend for getting clear answers about specific uses of words in spanish, understanding the correct use […]

We have a present for you..

Llega la Navidad and we want to offer you the chance to meet a really beautiful side of Spain. As you may know, we collaborate with some interesting rural projects,  that will open their door for you next year. They all have to do with natural farming, sustainable development and preservation of nature, and will be really happy to host you and show you amazing natural spaces in northern Spain. Have a look at aour preparation intensive courses, and get ready for an unforgetable experience. Find more information about this opportunity here The perfect gift: Spanish lessons! Surprise with a useful Xmas gift: Choose one of our packs of lessons and surprise your beloved ones […]

Día de los Muertos, Fieles Difuntos, Samhaín…

Este fin de semana (viernes 31 y sábado 1 principalmente) se celebra en muchos lugares del mundo la fiesta de los muertos. Día de los muertos en México, Fieles Difuntos en gran parte de España, Samhaín o Samuin en las culturas atlánticas, Halloween… todos son versiones de una misma situación ancestral: el final de la temporada de cosechas y la bienvenida al frío, a la oscuridad y al letargo invernal. Todo parece morir un poco en la naturaleza, la muerte está pues presente y, con ayuda de los rituales diferenciados en cada cultura, se hace un ejercicio de aceptación, de celebración de la muerte como parte del ciclo vital y […]

#cutureshockEDL: Join with us the European Day of Languages

To celebrate the European Day of Languages, Spanish Naturally has organized toghether with Netural Talk this online event: #cultureshockEDL. Two projects and three languages (Italian, English and Spanish) are now collaborating to create this online meeting for you to share your funniest, most original, powerfull moments of culture shock… Because we love travelling, feeling the difference and  learning from it. Because we know languages are the bridge to the experience. Join the facebook event here and share with us your story or picture about that shocking moment you remember, using the hasthag #cultureshockEDL You can find more than 400 events that celebrate the EDL on this site and vote for our event […]

3 Funny apps to learn spanish vocabulary

Today we want to share with you a few sites to practice spanish vocabulary. We’ve chosen those three because they’re funny and use imagination in the learning process. In Spanish Naturally we love and we use this approach because we know of the power of intuitive learning and, of course, it’s much easier when you’re having a good time! So here we go:  Memrise An app and also a website to learn and practice vocabulary. The most attractive thing of it it that it uses images and sounds association, mind games and little tricks to help you memorize easily, using your own intuition and giving you the chance to compleatly […]

Slow living and the spanish imperative

We introduced the concept of slow life on this video, and today we’re practising the imperative form in spanish with some tips to have a slower and, hopefully, happier life! For those who don’t know the slow philosophy here’s a recap: “The Slow Movement does not aim to shake the very foundations of all that have been built to date. It intends to reveal the possibility of living life fully but at a slower pace, where individuals can control and own their existence. The key lies in finding the right pace for each part of our daily race. We should be able to run when it is necessary and cope […]

Trabalenguas: 19 spanish tongue-twisters to improve your pronunciation

So, if you’re able to pronounce properly these trabalenguas there’s no doubt that you will have a very good spoken spanish! Read them out loud and repeat them until you can memorize them, take it as a challenge! It will happen to be very helpful for you to improve and pronounce fluently… Notice that some of them focus on double and single “R”, “S-Z”(wich, we must say, in latin america and many parts of Spain are both pronunced like “S”), “CH” and some other sounds that are sometimes hard to learn for non spanish speakers! Start the challenge and enjoy! Pedro Pérez Perreira—primer pintor portugués—pinta pinturas primorosas para personas prudentes, porque pronto […]

Spanish Naturally ya tiene canal en Youtube

Sí, we’re compilating videos that can be useful and fun for you to learn spanish, to remember some specific things, to help you practice and understand or just to make you laugh in spanish! We’re finding so much creativity on the net, and we want to share it with you: videos about grammar, spanish cultural tips, jokes and parodies about spanish language and culture and so much more. This is an opened list, so if you want to share something interesting tell us and we’ll be glad to add it to the playlist. ¿Alguna idea? Here we post some examples so that you can have a look. If you like […]

Course 2014-15: easier (and cheaper!) than ever

  Our spanish lessons offers for the next season: Aprende español fácilmente: from september on we are again offering you spanish lessons by skype, and we want to make it even easier! Now you can choose your lessons pack and learn whenever you want, tell us what you want and set your own timetable! Your way! Have a look at our courses here and choose the one that fits you. SET YOUR OWN TIMETABLE:Pack 10 personalized lessons + one free trial lesson 150€Pack 20 personalized lessons + one free trial lesson 280€ Follow us on social media and visit our site to know more about us and how we work: