For those who don’t know it, DELE is the offical certificate on spanish language by the Instituto Cervantes (DELE = Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) and, in a few words, it is internationally considered the most reliable certificate for spanish language.

 During each year there are up to 4 dates when you can take the exam, all of them coordinated by the Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with language institutions around the world. Here you can find a list with those centers where the exams will take place, and find the one wich is closest to you! In 2014 the dates will be in april (in a couple of weeks!), may, july, october and november. Have a look at the registration deadlines in the picture of this post!

 The exam is quite long and has 4 different parts: reading, listening, writting and of course a spoken part. The results are usually published a couple of months later, and soon the certificate is sent to your home.

 On the DELE website you can find some sample exams and other useful information. If you want to know more or you think you may need help you can write Spanish Naturally, and we can prepare you in some weeks with our courses. Ask us!