And here we go introducing one of our partner projects: Finca agroecológica “La Pizpireta”

 Patri and Luigi are two young producers of organic berries that live and work in the Valle del Pas, southern Cantabria, an area with an amazing natural landscape marked by the traditional cattle farming, the little streams everywhere and the huge green mountains all around.

 They have been hosting volunteers since two years ago, mainly during the summer season, when the berries need to be picked and distributed (and tasted!). They belong to a bigger net of organic farmers and consumers called Efecto Ecológico, and sometimes they also have to do some tasks related to that (preparing baskets with organic local products, distributing them, going to markets…)

 The house they live in is a traditional pasiega (from the valley of Pas) stone house, remodeled by themselves into a very comfortable home, with two floors that include a special room for guests. The berries plantation is just next to the house, beside the river Yera, wich during the summer becomes such an idyllic place to have a bath in nature!

 If you want to know more about that secret place you can have a look at their bloghttp://frutospizpireta.wordpress.com/ or contact Spanish Naturally,

 And come to Spain! 🙂