Today a few tips that can be useful to improve your spoken spanish!

  • Listen. A lot. Listen to native speakers if you can, or listen to music in spanish, reading the lyrics and trying to memorize al least little parts of it. Watch movies in spanish, with subtitles in spanish, and try to get the structures that are repeted often.

  • Imitate. Practice and exagerate your imitations. Don’t worry and take it as a game, it can be fun and it’s a way to start interiorizing sounds and entonations. Later you will find your own “personality” on spanish!

  • In conversation, find the expressions that you feel comfortable with and use them a lot. That will give you confidence and you will learn more and more.

  • Try to use common muletillas (pet words) like bueno, sabes, qué sé yo, pues or vale, they will help you sound more spontaneous and relaxed!

  • Think in spanish, forget your mother tongue’s structures, imagine that you’re playing theater if you want, but avoid thinking in your language.

  • When you learn a new word or expression, use it. It’s only using a language that we really learn it!

  • Don’t try to learn a lot, but a few things really well.

  • Be daring, don’t be shy! It’s a lot lot better to make a mistake than to stay silent. People are usually gentle, and every mistake is a great opportunity to learn, to see the things that work,. Don’t miss the chance to meet other people and cultures!

If you want to practice or improve your spoken spanish you can have a look at our conversation lessons (Remember!) and try a lessons for free.

In the special course Smart Spanish that we will do in Granada next week we will be talking about all this and much more. If you feel curious contact us!