La caja de herramientas de las Real Academia Española / RAE’s toolbox

Today we wanto to show you some useful tool that the Real Academia de la lengua Española (RAE) is offering online, for you to solve doubts and to help you have more autonomy on your learning process


First of all, you probably know the DRAE, the spanish most complete dictionary, ellaborated by the Real Academia. The last updatededition is from 2014, and you can see it on this link. There’s also an app developed for your mobile phone, and you can download here.


The Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas is a very good friend for getting clear answers about specific uses of words in spanish, understanding the correct use of common construtions and help you with those little things that can be confusing if you don’t have the right information.


This Manual de ortografía is a bit more complicated to use if you are starting to learn spanish, but very helpful if you need advanced solutions!


If you couldn’t solve your problem with the DPD, DRAE, or Ortografía, there’s a more personalized solucion for your specific questions, a quick consulting service that is also coordinated with RAE’s social media, and that you can find here.