las lindes

In the council of Ampuero, near a historical shrine called La Bien Aparecida, starts a little path up the hills.

If we follow it we will soon arrive to a big and beautifull stone house among the trees, and behind that house we will see a huge garden full of growing vegetables. A young man will gently say hi!, that’s probably Rober, and we are of course in Las Lindes.

Rober is the one who lives in the big stone house, that is now transformed into a very comfortable and spacious place, with an amazing view of the cantabrian mountains. He’s in charge of the farm, and he also finds time to play the guitar with his band!

In a rural and turistic area between the cities of Santander and Bilbao, and near the beaches of Laredo and Santoña, las Lindes appears like a secret green garden. There, we can find cultivated all kind of seasonal vegetables as well as a few varieties of berries.

All this food is grown under the principles of organic farming, and is later distributed through the system of “market baskets” on demand, in collaboration with other organic producers from the area, such as Yaganat or Caserío Vistalegre.

In their website you can find a lot of information about the producing process, some links to friendly projects and also a lot of vegetarian recipies! You can also find Las Lindes on facebook and if you feel like coming around…

                                      …see you there!