Hey, do you REALLY speak spanish?

 curso intensivo1We’re preparing this special presential course in the granadian village of Dúrcal, 30 km south from the beautiful city of Granada. This 4 day intensive course is thought for people with a basic knowledge of spanish, and interested on understanding better andalusian culture and language, specially on rural areas.

 We know how life can be for a foreign person in the rural Granada without the basic communication tools, and know as well some of the frequent – sometimes frustrating – sometiemes funny – situations that can happen if you don’t get the right word…

 This is why we will work for four days on getting those right keys to be able to communicate with the local community, sound natural and understand the particularities of their accent, vocabulary, and culture. We will focus on common missunderstandings, those ones that sometimes can make us feel embarrassed or really confused. We will also talk about eating and shopping like locals do, and try to get the tools to feel confident and enjoy social situations (understanding what’s going on!)

 We will work mainly with spoken practice and in a very participative way. In fact, we’ll have some time to work on those things that you suggest as useful contents, so…

What else do would you like to learn in this course?

 The location chosen is an independent cultural center in the village, Local Social Dúrcal (two minutes from the main square, C/Escribano nº28). By choosing this place we’re supporting their cultural and social activities, that you can see on their facebook. The dates will be monday 23 to thursday 26 june, from 18.30 to 20.30 (before spanish dinner, and when the heat cools off… ) We will spend that time discovering new things in a relaxed way, playing toghether as a way of learning, and sharing our doubts and linguistic experiences as foreign people in Spain.

 If you are interested on this Smart Spanish course or you want to reserve your place you can contact us and we will give you more detailed information at spanishnaturally@gmail.com , calling (0034) 655 331 832 or writing us by FacebookTwitter or Google+.

                                                              See you in Dúrcal!