Slow living and the spanish imperative

We introduced the concept of slow life on this video, and today we’re practising the imperative form in spanish with some tips to have a slower and, hopefully, happier life! For those who don’t know the slow philosophy here’s a recap: “The Slow Movement does not aim to shake the very foundations of all that have been built to date. It intends to reveal the possibility of living life fully but at a slower pace, where individuals can control and own their existence. The key lies in finding the right pace for each part of our daily race. We should be able to run when it is necessary and cope […]

Trabalenguas: 19 spanish tongue-twisters to improve your pronunciation

So, if you’re able to pronounce properly these trabalenguas there’s no doubt that you will have a very good spoken spanish! Read them out loud and repeat them until you can memorize them, take it as a challenge! It will happen to be very helpful for you to improve and pronounce fluently… Notice that some of them focus on double and single “R”, “S-Z”(wich, we must say, in latin america and many parts of Spain are both pronunced like “S”), “CH” and some other sounds that are sometimes hard to learn for non spanish speakers! Start the challenge and enjoy! Pedro Pérez Perreira—primer pintor portugués—pinta pinturas primorosas para personas prudentes, porque pronto […]

Gender confusions in spanish

Spanish students, when not having latin roots, use to get confused with spanish gender and ask why una mesa is supposed to be female and un sofá is a male!!!  We know it’s not easy to understand and, well, it’s not even necessary to understand it if you know how to use it! So here we show you some common mistakes with spanish gender to which you should pay attention! 

Spanish cityzenship? Language test!

Yes, foreign people who want to get spanish citizenship have now to take a language test, that’s what the new immigration spanish law includes, getting always more restrictive as time goes by…  The rules on accessing nationality are very different from one EU state to another, and during the last years Spain has been a kind of door to Europe, specially for immigrants coming from Latinamerica and North Africa.  Although with the arrival of the crisis many emigrants have returned to their origin countries (and many spanish young people have left the country to find a job abroad) the spanish conservative government has now included this linguistic test to get citizenship, in which requesters […]