Gender confusions in spanish

Spanish students, when not having latin roots, use to get confused with spanish gender and ask why una mesa is supposed to be female and un sofá is a male!!!  We know it’s not easy to understand and, well, it’s not even necessary to understand it if you know how to use it! So here we show you some common mistakes with spanish gender to which you should pay attention! 

Smart Spanish course in Granada

Hey, do you REALLY speak spanish?  We’re preparing this special presential course in the granadian village of Dúrcal, 30 km south from the beautiful city of Granada. This 4 day intensive course is thought for people with a basic knowledge of spanish, and interested on understanding better andalusian culture and language, specially on rural areas.  We know how life can be for a foreign person in the rural Granada without the basic communication tools, and know as well some of the frequent – sometimes frustrating – sometiemes funny – situations that can happen if you don’t get the right word…  This is why we will work for four days on getting those right keys to be […]