3 Funny apps to learn spanish vocabulary

Today we want to share with you a few sites to practice spanish vocabulary. We’ve chosen those three because they’re funny and use imagination in the learning process. In Spanish Naturally we love and we use this approach because we know of the power of intuitive learning and, of course, it’s much easier when you’re having a good time! So here we go:  Memrise An app and also a website to learn and practice vocabulary. The most attractive thing of it it that it uses images and sounds association, mind games and little tricks to help you memorize easily, using your own intuition and giving you the chance to compleatly […]

Spanish Naturally ya tiene canal en Youtube

Sí, we’re compilating videos that can be useful and fun for you to learn spanish, to remember some specific things, to help you practice and understand or just to make you laugh in spanish! We’re finding so much creativity on the net, and we want to share it with you: videos about grammar, spanish cultural tips, jokes and parodies about spanish language and culture and so much more. This is an opened list, so if you want to share something interesting tell us and we’ll be glad to add it to the playlist. ¿Alguna idea? Here we post some examples so that you can have a look. If you like […]

How to be more fluent in spanish

Today a few tips that can be useful to improve your spoken spanish! Listen. A lot. Listen to native speakers if you can, or listen to music in spanish, reading the lyrics and trying to memorize al least little parts of it. Watch movies in spanish, with subtitles in spanish, and try to get the structures that are repeted often. Imitate. Practice and exagerate your imitations. Don’t worry and take it as a game, it can be fun and it’s a way to start interiorizing sounds and entonations. Later you will find your own “personality” on spanish! In conversation, find the expressions that you feel comfortable with and use them […]

Why teaching one to one

Well, we like it! And for on-line learning we think it is absolutelly the best choice! In any teaching process, to be succesful it is really important to get to know well the student: his/her needs, interests and, specially, learning style. Not every persons learns the same way, we all find easier some subjects than others and have different progressions… Knowing each other and respecting the students’s style provides a deeper learning, and the same time makes the relation teacher-learner more personal and real, trying to make the distance shorter and working constantly on the motivational factor, wich we consider the base of an effective learning. One to one lessons […]