Día de los Muertos, Fieles Difuntos, Samhaín…

Este fin de semana (viernes 31 y sábado 1 principalmente) se celebra en muchos lugares del mundo la fiesta de los muertos. Día de los muertos en México, Fieles Difuntos en gran parte de España, Samhaín o Samuin en las culturas atlánticas, Halloween… todos son versiones de una misma situación ancestral: el final de la temporada de cosechas y la bienvenida al frío, a la oscuridad y al letargo invernal. Todo parece morir un poco en la naturaleza, la muerte está pues presente y, con ayuda de los rituales diferenciados en cada cultura, se hace un ejercicio de aceptación, de celebración de la muerte como parte del ciclo vital y […]

España en el cine – Spain at films

Where would you say Almodovar’s Volver was shot?  Did you know that Nicole Kidman shot Los Otros (The Others) at the northern region of Cantabria, Spain? Learning by watching films is always a good idea! Here we share this map of films shooted in Spain, for you to choose the region that you want to see. Notice that not all of them are spanish productions or are made totally with spanish actors, but in some of them you will be able to tell a regional accent!  Hope you enjoy and that you like all those the different Spains! 🙂

Semana Santa, the big performance

Yes, it’s just started, even though in some places of Spain it’s been prepared along the whole year. In some cities, specially in the south, the streets are going to be almost collapsed during a week, and instead of normal life, we are going to find processions any time of day or night, those in which people sing, those in which people cry, those which music bands play, those in complete silence… All of them recreating the Passion of Christ. If you’ve never seen anything like this, you can imagine it maybe like a whole-week christian “parade”, or like a dramatic version of the carnival… The atmosphere is very particular, […]