Well, we like it! And for on-line learning we think it is absolutelly the best choice!

In any teaching process, to be succesful it is really important to get to know well the student: his/her needs, interests and, specially, learning style. Not every persons learns the same way, we all find easier some subjects than others and have different progressions…

Knowing each other and respecting the students’s style provides a deeper learning, and the same time makes the relation teacher-learner more personal and real, trying to make the distance shorter and working constantly on the motivational factor, wich we consider the base of an effective learning.

One to one lessons also get the student to be more active: we’re speaking together, and the student can contribute more than in a group class, get a constant feedback, and feel more part of the learning process by bringing real material that he/she personally likes, like books, songs, articles, etc.

“Learners acquire language best through the modified input of the teacher. This means that the teacher adapts their language to the level of the student and in one-to-one classes the amount and type of input can be maximised by the teacher to benefit the student”  Stephen Krashen

This system allows also flexibility: in timing, lenght or intensity of the lessons, making it more compatible with oher activities of your life! It’s only two people who have to agree!

This does not exclude working in groups sometimes, meet some other people to chat and share our learning: this is also very useful, and fun!

If you want to try what it’s like you can have a lesson for free, we can connect by skype and you can see if one to one works for you! It definately does for us!