Yes, all our current partner projects, through wich you can come to Spain, are located in the Comunidad Autónoma of Cantabria, near the north coast of Spain. So let’s talk a little bit about that very special place…

 Many people say Cantabria looks a lot like Ireland, maybe because of its huge cliffs and its tipical rainy weather, or maybe because for some people it is unexpected to find such a green landscape in Spain, and no trace of the typical image of flamenco and forever-sun that is associated to the word “Spain”.

 Cantabria is a small region (600.000 inhabitants) and for active travellers (and locals!) this is a big advantage: let’s just say that during spring you can ski in the morning, have your lunch sitting in a green field, and – if you still have energy- do some surfing in the afternoon…

Many interesting projects are being developed about organic farming, permaculture, or sustainable development, in a region that has traditionally lived from farming (its cows and cheeses are famous all over the world), industry and tourism.

The spainsh language that is spoken sounds a lot like standard spanish, so it’s easy for those who want to learn, but also, and like all the different regions of Spain, it has some particularities that make it special, such as pronouncing the final -o like a -u (cántabro becomes cántabru, cantabrian) or ending the words in -uco to say that something is little (playuca, little beach)

If you feel curious about Cantabria, come and spend some time here!

 (Picture by Alberto Ceballos)